Midnight-blue wedding

Midnight-blue is a beautiful, sophisticated colour to use in your wedding’s colour scheme. Have a look at some ideas.

*Please note, I don’t sell any items on my blog. See the photo captions for sellers’ details.

Black and white wedding

Can’t get much classier than a black and white wedding (and it’s probably the easiest colour scheme to achieve)!

Have a look at some fresh black and white wedding ideas.

Pink and aqua wedding

Pink and aqua: perfect for a summer wedding or a beach wedding :)

Blush and grey wedding

Hello gorgeousness! This has to be one of the prettiest wedding colour schemes. Blush and grey look beautiful together. Have a look at some ideas from Etsy that I’ve seen. The sellers’ captions are on the photos.

Mint and emerald-green wedding

I love these shades of green, and they would be perfect for a wedding colour scheme. Take a look at some ideas. Sellers’ urls are in the picture captions.

Silver and white wedding

Silver and white is the perfect colour scheme for a winter wedding :)

Flower girl dresses on Etsy

More flower girl dress cuteness! All are made by sellers on etsy.com (not by myself!) so if you like one, please see the seller’s url in the picture caption.