Wedding dresses from (US sellers)

All these beautiful dresses are available from various US sellers (see the photo captions for the links to their stores).

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Pale pink and red wedding

Not just for those who are getting married on Valentine’s Day! Pink and red is a great colour scheme :)

Navy and gold wedding

This is one of my favourite colour schemes. It’s so classy, yet fun at the same time. Very easy to achieve, too. Have a look at some navy and gold wedding ideas.

Table setting ideas from

Here are some beautiful table setting items you can purchase from different sellers on

Please note, I don’t sell anything on my blog. Quite a few people have enquired about buying things from me recently! All the items I feature are from sellers (who I don’t know) on The caption of each picture provides a link to the seller’s etsy page.


Fuchsia and gold wedding

Choose¬†a vibrant fuchsia and gold colour scheme for your wedding! It’s bright and cheerful and easy to achieve.

Dahlia wedding

Ooh I do love dahlias! They’re such gorgeous flowers :) So, why not have a dahlia-themed wedding? You don’t have to have dahlias on EVERYTHING, but a few dahlias here and there would look lovely. Here are some dahlia wedding ideas.

Reception dresses

More lovely reception dresses from Save some extra money and have two dresses! One for the ceremony and photos, and one for dinner and dancing :)