After the dress, probably the second biggest dilemma for every bride is how they’re going to wear their hair on their wedding day! Personally, I trawled through the internet for countless hours, analysing every possibly updo I could find, until I settled on one…and then after my hair trial I completely changed my mind! It’s a difficult decision. Some things to bear in mind are:

1. Do you want to wear a veil? If so, will your chosen style of hair work with a veil?

2. Does your hairstyle suit the kind of dress you’re wearing? Ie. A sleek gown will probably go well with a sleek hairstyle, whereas a flowy gown will look good with a softer, more relaxed hairstyle.

3. Will your chosen hairstyle last the course of the day? If you have naturally straight hair but want it curled/waved for the day, will it actually hold beyond a couple of hours, or will it be back to virtually straight within a couple of hours? Your hairdresser will be able to tell you if they think your hair will hold curls or not. Also consider the humidity, if you’re getting married in summer. Humidity is the bane of many a bride’s day!

4. Where will you have photos taken? If you’re having them done on a beach, but want to wear your hair out (or mostly out), do you mind your hair getting messed up by the wind, or would an updo be a better option? Think about how you’ll look by the time you get back to your reception.

Click ‘Continue reading’ below for LOTS of pictures of hairstyles to consider. Hope you can find something you like!


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