Flower girl dresses on etsy.com

There are so many gorgeous flower girl dresses by talented dressmakers on etsy.com. Here is a small sample of what’s available!


Flower girl dresses

Beautiful flower girl dresses that I’ve spotted on etsy.com recently. So pretty!

Flower girl dresses on Etsy

More flower girl dress cuteness! All are made by sellers on etsy.com (not by myself!) so if you like one, please see the seller’s url in the picture caption.

Flower girl dresses available on etsy.com

A new assortment of gorgeous flower girl dresses that are available from various sellers on etsy.com 🙂

*Please note that I don’t sell anything on my blog, nor am I affiliated with any etsy.com sellers.

Flower girl dresses on etsy.com

I love the assortment of gorgeous flower girl dresses you can find on etsy. Something for everyone! Here are some lovely options.

Ideas for personalising your wedding

Here are some ideas for giving your wedding a personal touch! Now, I’m not suggesting you run out and buy all of these things…there’s such a thing as too much(!), but a couple of personalised/customised elements in your wedding is a lovely idea.

Things I’m loving on etsy.com right now

Have a look for yourself! So many gorgeous items for your wedding. If those countdown blocks had been available when I was planning my own wedding, I definitely would have bought them, haha!