Wedding guest outfit ideas from Asos (both females and males!)

I had a look on today to see what was available for wedding guests. Originally I was just going to do female outfits, but I thought I’d include a few items for males too, in case any men out there read my blog!

Wedding shoes available on Etsy

You needn’t spend a small fortune to have some beautiful shoes for your wedding. Here are lots of lovely options available from sellers on There’s something for everyone!

Ideas for personalising your wedding

Here are some ideas for giving your wedding a personal touch! Now, I’m not suggesting you run out and buy all of these things…there’s such a thing as too much(!), but a couple of personalised/customised elements in your wedding is a lovely idea.

Friday finds from

Happy Friday, everyone!


Friday finds from

Here’s this week’s edition of Friday finds from, and as always, there are so many lovely things to look at!

Friday finds from

More gorgeous finds from for you! Isn’t the organza and lace bridal gown stunning? I also love the veil and the honeycomb lanterns 🙂 (Well, actually, I love everything featured here!)


Friday finds from – the quirky edition!

This week’s Friday finds have a distinct quirkiness to them! I love a wedding that’s a little bit out of the ordinary. It’s really great when you can inject your own personality into your wedding (and that of your partner, naturally!) So if you’re a little bit quirky, here are some great ideas from 🙂

Friday finds from

I’ll be doing ‘Friday finds from’ every Friday now 🙂 Each post will be full of random gorgeous things I’ve spotted on! Here’s today’s inspiration for you.


I can’t believe I’ve taken so long to do a post about bridal shoes. For many ladies, the shoes are almost (or equally!) as important as the dress. I’ve found some shoes of all different styles for you to browse through, if you’re having a hard time finding ones you like.

I’ve gone for the traditional bridal colours – white, ivory, silver, etc. – for this post, but of course you’re not just limited to those colours any more. Quite a few brides these days opt for shoes that match their wedding colours, for a pop of colour underneath the dress. Something to consider 🙂