Wedding guest dress ideas

Here are some more ideas for dresses if you’re going to be a guest a wedding soon (spotted from around the web!)

Black, white and gold wedding

This is a very classy and easy-to-achieve colour scheme. Beautiful!

Steampunk wedding

Time for a steampunk wedding update! My first steampunk wedding post (see here) was over a year ago! Have a look at some new steampunk wedding ideas.

Blush and gold wedding

Time for an update on the very popular (and rightly so!) blush and gold colour scheme. Such a gorgeous colour combo!

Metallic sequin wedding

Ok, bear with me. The title of this post makes it sound rather cheap and tacky, and indeed it would look a bit cheap and tacky if EVERYTHING in your wedding had sequins on it, but the odd splash of metallic (gold/silver/bronze) sequins can make a wedding look amazing! So here are some ideas – you wouldn’t use all of them at once, of course! But you could pick and choose what you’d like to use 🙂

Woodland wedding in shades of green and brown

A wedding in a forest or woods would be absolutely stunning, and the surroundings provide so much inspiration for a wedding. Green and brown are the obvious colours to use for a woodland wedding, but you could make it your own and do almost anything you wanted. It would be nice to incorporate the greenery of the setting, however, so that’s what I’ve done in this inspiration board.