Wedding guest outfit ideas from Asos (both females and males!)

I had a look on today to see what was available for wedding guests. Originally I was just going to do female outfits, but I thought I’d include a few items for males too, in case any men out there read my blog!

Wedding guest dress ideas from

Lots of great styles of dresses available for wedding guests on at the moment. Here is a selection 🙂

Wedding guest dress ideas

I’ve been looking at lots of dresses on, and Heaps of different gorgeous options 🙂

Here’s a sample of what’s out there!

Wedding guest dress ideas

There are so many options on! Truly something for everyone 🙂

Wedding guest dress ideas

Here are some more ideas for dresses if you’re going to be a guest a wedding soon (spotted from around the web!)

Wedding guest dress ideas

The latest lot of wedding guest dress ideas, from and 🙂 I want nearly all of them, haha!


Ideas for personalising your wedding

Here are some ideas for giving your wedding a personal touch! Now, I’m not suggesting you run out and buy all of these things…there’s such a thing as too much(!), but a couple of personalised/customised elements in your wedding is a lovely idea.