Bridesmaid dresses from

It certainly seems like the main trends for bridesmaid dresses at the moment are muted tones, embellishments, chiffon and tulle! Take a look at these ones from



Wedding guest outfit ideas from Asos (both females and males!)

I had a look on today to see what was available for wedding guests. Originally I was just going to do female outfits, but I thought I’d include a few items for males too, in case any men out there read my blog!

Bridesmaid dress options from

I’m always browsing on because I love it so much, haha! I’ve spotted these gorgeous dresses that would be great bridesmaid dress options.

Possible bridesmaid dresses from has a great range of dresses which would be suitable for use as bridesmaid dresses – some are affordable for those on a tight budget and some are in the pricier range, but all of them are lovely 🙂