Coral and aqua tropical destination wedding

A lot of engaged couples are enticed by the beauty and warmth of a tropical destination wedding – and why wouldn’t they be?! Many of us dream of getting married on a gorgeous beach with clear blue water and golden sand, and aqua and coral is a perfect colour scheme for such a wedding, as the colours tie in with the natural environment well. Have a look at some aqua and coral tropical destination wedding ideas.

Beach wedding

I did a beach wedding inspiration board way back in the early days of The Merry Bride, so I thought it was time I did an updated one. Beach weddings are always very popular, particularly where I live, in New Zealand, as we’re completely surrounded by coastline. Have a look at some beach wedding inspiration.

Beach wedding inspiration

I think nearly all of us, at some point when wedding planning, dream of just running away to a tropical location to get married on the beach. For those of you who are actually planning to do so, I do slightly envy you!

Beach weddings are beautiful, when done well. Just remember that if you wear heels, they WILL sink into the sand, and if you want to wear your hair out, it WILL blow in your face for the entire ceremony!

Here’s some beach wedding inspiration. Bliss.