Black, white and red wedding

A black, white and red wedding colour scheme is simple to achieve and looks very classy.

Black and white wedding

Can’t get much classier than a black and white wedding (and it’s probably the easiest colour scheme to achieve)!

Have a look at some fresh black and white wedding ideas.

Colourful wedding dresses

More beautiful wedding dresses available on, for those who love colour!

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Black, white and gold wedding

This is a very classy and easy-to-achieve colour scheme. Beautiful!

Colourful wedding dresses on

More lovely wedding dresses of many different colours (because white isn’t everyone’s thing!)

Black, white and purple wedding

If you’d like a striking colour scheme, try black, white and purple (or black, white and almost any other colour, for that matter!) Here are some ideas.

Colourful wedding dresses

Time for an updated ‘colourful wedding dresses’ post (or ‘colorful’ for all my American fans who don’t spell it with a ‘u’ in it!) I love colourful wedding dresses, and you’re a not particularly traditional, or white isn’t really your thing, or perhaps if it’s not your first wedding, then a non-white dress is a cool idea đŸ™‚

Here are some I’ve spotted online today.


Black and light pink wedding

This colour scheme is very Parisian-chic! It’s stylish and an easy scheme to accomplish, as items in those colours are widely available. 

P.S. I realise I’m on a bit of a pink run at the moment – my last three posts have had light pink, dusty rose and blush! I will mix it up and do something non-pink next time, I promise đŸ˜‰

Black, white and red wedding

This colour scheme is brilliant for a formal wedding, as it’s very elegant and sophisticated. It’s also a great colour scheme for a winter wedding. Take a look.

More colourful wedding dresses

I couldn’t resist! I love the thought of a colourful wedding dress: It’s a great idea if you’re not keen on white. So here are some more colourful wedding dresses (if you missed my original post with colourful wedding dresses, click here).