Great wedding ideas from Pinterest

The Merry Bride is on Pinterest ( and one of my boards is ‘Cute ideas from elsewhere on Pinterest’. In case you’re not a Pinterest user, I thought I’d share some of them on here, because some of them are truly gorgeous and clever!

Enjoy 🙂

Wedding dresses by top designers

There will be a few lucky ladies out there who can afford the gown of their dreams, but for most of us the budget won’t stretch to a wedding gown by a top designer. However, I thought I would show you a sample of gowns by some of the world’s best wedding dress designers. You can either sigh wistfully and think “I wish!”, or you can choose a style you like and try to find a more affordable dress in a similar style. Either way, it’s fun to see these dresses and dream of wearing them 🙂

Colourful wedding dresses!

If you’re not the kind of bride-to-be who envisions themselves walking down the aisle in a traditional white or ivory gown, then have a look at these colourful options you could wear instead. Who’s to say the bride can’t match the wedding colour scheme?!


I can’t believe I’ve taken so long to do a post about bridal shoes. For many ladies, the shoes are almost (or equally!) as important as the dress. I’ve found some shoes of all different styles for you to browse through, if you’re having a hard time finding ones you like.

I’ve gone for the traditional bridal colours – white, ivory, silver, etc. – for this post, but of course you’re not just limited to those colours any more. Quite a few brides these days opt for shoes that match their wedding colours, for a pop of colour underneath the dress. Something to consider 🙂

Bridal emergency kit checklist

Every bride should be prepared for something wrong going wrong on their wedding day. Something is bound to be forgotten, someone might be running late, an item of clothing might get ripped…you just never know!

So it’s always good to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. And so, I pass on to you, the ultimate bridal emergency kit checklist. With this kit, you will be prepared!

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