Table setting ideas

Here the latest beautiful ideas for table settings that I’ve found on Please note that I don’t sell anything on my blog πŸ™‚

Great wedding ideas from Pinterest – part 3

Because you all seem to love these posts so much, here’s part 3! (Part 1 is hereΒ and part 2 is here). Have a look at some more fantastic ideas from Pinterest.

P.S. Happy Easter to you all! xx

Great wedding ideas from Pinterest – part 2

There are so many beautiful and clever ideas on Pinterest, I just had to share some more with you! I hope you’re inspired.

Table setting ideas from

An important aspect of your wedding planning is considering what you would like your tables at your reception to look like.

Many brides and grooms would like something a little different from the usual flower centrepieces and folded cardboard place settings, so I’ve had a look on Etsy and found some ideas for you that are a little more unique (and a few that aren’t quite so unique but were so pretty, I couldn’t resist including them!)

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Bride on a budget – Do-it-yourself guide

There are lots of great ideas here to beautify your wedding for very little money. Enjoy having a browse through πŸ™‚


Vintage paper map hearts – click here

Fabric flower container – click here
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