Mint and grey wedding

Fresh mint-green with conservative classy grey look gorgeous together, and really give your wedding an elegant feel. Have a look at some mint and grey ideas you could use for your wedding.

Marigold wedding

Marigold is such a beautiful cheerful shade of yellow. I’ve liked the colour ever since Michelle Williams wore a marigold dress to the Academy Awards in 2006. She paired it with bright red lipstick, and she looked fabulous.

Yellow can be a tough colour to pull off on some skin tones, but if you suit it, it’s a great colour for a wedding! You could pair it with grey, black, taupe or white, if you wish to tone it down a little.

Lemon and lavender wedding

This colour scheme is spring all over! Lemon and lavender are beautiful soft colours, which create a dreamy, feminine colour scheme. Add touches of real lavender on your tables, and the reception will smell lovely too!

Latte, blush and champagne wedding

Ooh these neutral colours look gorgeous together! Latte (or beige, or mocha, or tan, or taupe!) gives your wedding a lovely warm tone, and blush and champagne (or ivory, alternatively, would look just as nice) lend a pretty feminine touch to the colour scheme.

Teal and orange wedding

These two colours complement each other so well, and are great for those who would like a colourful wedding.

Olive-green and ivory wedding

This colour scheme is perfect for a autumn wedding, as the colours are reminiscent of falling leaves, but it has a lovely warm tone to it.

White and silver wedding

White and silver are perfect for a winter wedding! The colours are beautiful and quite traditional, but the silver touches provide a bit of bling for your wedding 🙂