Bridesmaid dresses from

It certainly seems like the main trends for bridesmaid dresses at the moment are muted tones, embellishments, chiffon and tulle! Take a look at these ones from



Wedding guest dress ideas

There are so many options on! Truly something for everyone 🙂

Wedding guest dress ideas

The latest lot of wedding guest dress ideas, from and 🙂 I want nearly all of them, haha!


Wedding Guest Dresses

Is it just me, or is it universal, that when you aren’t looking for a dress, you’ll see a million that you’d love to buy; but when you actually have a wedding or special occasion coming up that you need to buy a new dress for, you can’t find ANYTHING?! So I thought I’d do a post for female wedding (or other special occasion) guests. There are lots of lovely dress suggestions here, so hopefully you can find something you like, or are inspired by 🙂

Beautiful Flower Girl dresses on Etsy

Etsy is such a great resource for weddings, and that includes the cutest flower girl dresses imaginable! Have a look at some of my favourites on Etsy right now – it definitely seems as though the tutu dresses are what’s “hot” right now! However, tutu dresses aren’t to everyone’s taste, so I’ve included lots of different styles 🙂

My favourite bridesmaid dresses right now

Step away from the satin, ladies. Tight-fitting satin dresses flatter no-one. They show every little flaw on your body! So don’t do that to your bridesmaids. Have a look at my favourite bridesmaids dresses right now – most of which will be flattering on any body shape.

Flower Girls

A friend of mine asked me to do an article on options for Flower Girls, so I’ve done a bit of research and found some very pretty little dresses and accessories. Enjoy!

Are any of you looking for something in particular for your flower girls?