Mint, blush and gold wedding

These three colours together are a match made in heaven! Here are some ideas for this colour scheme, from


Teal and gold wedding

A teal and gold colour scheme is opulent and stunning!

Lavender and gold wedding

Lavender and gold is a beautiful colour combination for a wedding. Take a look at some ideas. Please note I don’t sell anything on my blog. Sellers’ details are in the photo captions.

Taupe and gold wedding

Taupe is fast becoming a popular colour to use in wedding colour schemes, because it is muted and has a raw beauty about it. Taupe pairs wonderfully with gold.

Have a look at some taupe and gold wedding ideas.

*Please note I do not sell anything on my blog, nor am I affiliated with any sellers.

Gold and grey wedding

This is a classy, easy-to-achieve colour scheme. It’s smart but also very pretty, having that metallic element to it. Here are some gold and grey wedding ideas!

*Please note that I don’t sell anything on my blog, nor am I affiliated with any sellers on

Coral and gold wedding

This is possibly the most summery colour scheme out there! Have a look at some coral and gold wedding ideas 🙂

Navy and gold wedding

This is one of my favourite colour schemes. It’s so classy, yet fun at the same time. Very easy to achieve, too. Have a look at some navy and gold wedding ideas.