Bridesmaid dress ideas

Here are some new bridesmaid dress ideas – all very lovely 🙂

More wedding dresses for under $500

There are so many gorgeous dresses out there for under $500, so you need not break the budget by spending thousands of dollars on your wedding dress 🙂 This is the second post I’ve done showing you dresses for under $500 (for the first one, click here).

Last time I included dresses from various sources, but this time I’ve just concentrated on ones available on, because there are so many on that website!

Reception dresses

The ‘reception dress’, a simpler, easier-to-move-in, often shorter dress for the bride to wear to the reception, is becoming more popular these days.

After all, what girl doesn’t want two dresses, right?! Bridal gowns can be very heavy, and long trains aren’t exactly practical at a reception, when you run the risk of your dressed being stepped on or caught under chairs…plus, they’re quite difficult to dance in! So a reception dress, if your budget allows, is a great idea. Have a look at some options I found online.


Wedding dresses by top designers

There will be a few lucky ladies out there who can afford the gown of their dreams, but for most of us the budget won’t stretch to a wedding gown by a top designer. However, I thought I would show you a sample of gowns by some of the world’s best wedding dress designers. You can either sigh wistfully and think “I wish!”, or you can choose a style you like and try to find a more affordable dress in a similar style. Either way, it’s fun to see these dresses and dream of wearing them 🙂

Beautiful wedding dresses for under $500

Most people don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a beautiful wedding dress but, of course, still want to feel like a princess on their big day.

With that in mind, I’ve done a bit of a search online and have found a collection of white or ivory wedding dresses of many different styles – all of them under US$500!