Coral and grey wedding

Coral and grey go so well together and are perfect for a summer wedding in particular. You could opt for the more orange-coral colour or the more pink-coral colour, or you could have a mixture of both. I’ve mostly gone for the pink-coral colour in my inspiration board here.

Gold and grey wedding

This is a classy, easy-to-achieve colour scheme. It’s smart but also very pretty, having that metallic element to it. Here are some gold and grey wedding ideas!

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Eggplant-purple and light grey wedding

Time for an update on one of my all-time favourite colour schemes – eggplant-purple and light grey. This is such a delicious colour combination and would work well in a variety of venues for your wedding, but particularly for vineyard weddings because of the purple colour (matches the purple grapes nicely, haha!)

Red and grey wedding

Red and black is a common wedding colour scheme, but I actually prefer red and grey. It’s a great modern colour scheme and would work well for weddings in cooler weather, but really you could use it at any time of the year!

Coral and grey wedding

It was one year ago that I first put together a coral and grey wedding inspiration board, so I thought it was time for an updated one, as it’s proved to be a very popular colour combination for fans of The Merry Bride!

Have a look at some new coral and grey wedding ideas.