Colourful wedding dresses

More beautiful wedding dresses available on, for those who love colour!

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Lilac and apple-green wedding

This is a perfect spring or summer wedding colour scheme šŸ™‚

Peach and purple wedding

Time for an update on one of my favourite colour schemes – peach and purple. They look so pretty together. I’ve used lilac-purple in most of these ideas, but a darker purple looks nice with peach too.

Colourful wedding dresses

Time for an updated ‘colourful wedding dresses’ post (or ‘colorful’ for all my American fans who don’t spell it with a ‘u’ in it!) I love colourful wedding dresses, and you’re a not particularlyĀ traditional, or white isn’t really your thing, or perhaps if it’s not your first wedding, then a non-white dress is a cool idea šŸ™‚

Here are some I’ve spotted online today.


Lilac and navy wedding

I love navy as a wedding colour, and so many colours look good with it. Lilac is one of those colours. Have a look at some lilac and navy wedding inspiration.

Lemon and lavender wedding

This colour scheme is spring all over! Lemon and lavender are beautiful soft colours, which create a dreamy, feminine colour scheme. Add touches of real lavender on your tables, and the reception will smell lovely too!

Peach and purple wedding inspiration

I was inspired to do this colour scheme by a picture of a peach and purple bouquet I saw on Pinterest. I hadn’t thought of combining these two colours together before, but I think they’re gorgeous together. Any shade of purple goes well with the soft peach.

Lavender and taupe wedding inspiration

It’s summery and pretty, and great for outdoor weddings, particularly on the beach, as taupe-coloured suits have a more relaxed feel to them than black or grey ones.

Have a look at some lavender and taupe inspiration.

Lilac and green wedding inspiration

This colour scheme is oh so gorgeous for spring and summer weddings. I think it’s a perfect colour combination for ceremonies being held in gardens and other outdoor areas. Enjoy xx