Paisley wedding in shades of blue

Paisley is a really pretty print and it’s easy to find plenty of paisley products on and elsewhere. I’ve chosen blue paisley (in various shades) for this inspiration board, but you could choose any colour.

Navy and gold wedding

This is a very classy colour scheme. It can work well for a nautical wedding, but if nautical isn’t your thing, navy and gold would still look beautiful for a wedding in most other venues. Have a look.

Red and navy wedding

It’s preppy, nautical cool! Red and navy complement each other perfectly, if you’re looking for a smart wedding colour scheme.

Coral and navy wedding

A navy and coral colour scheme could lend itself to a nautical or beach wedding, but it’s a lovely colour combination for all kinds of other weddings too. It’s very elegant, and the colours would suit most skin tones.

Midnight-blue wedding inspiration

Midnight-blue is the darkest of blues, and is a great colour for formal weddings especially. You can use it as your wedding colour on its own, or team it with a lighter colour, such as pink, lemon, silver or mint, for a beautiful effect.

Aqua and navy wedding inspiration

This colour scheme undeniably nautical in feel, so would be perfect for a wedding by the water, whether it’s at a beach, lake or harbourside. As a bonus, most people look wonderful in both aqua and navy, so you’ll be keeping your bridesmaids happy! Have a look at some lovely aqua and navy wedding inspiration.

Navy and lemon-yellow wedding inspiration

This colour scheme has a little bit of a nautical feel to it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have nautical-related items, as this inspiration board will show 🙂

Pink and navy wedding inspiration

There’s something very appealing about these two colours together. They look smart, fresh and girly – but the navy keeps it from looking TOO girly, if you know what I mean. Anyway, here’s some inspiration for you 🙂