Teal and orange wedding

Teal and orange wedding inspiration for you! This colour combination is very popular at the moment.

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Turquoise and orange wedding

I love turquoise and orange together – it’s a bright, cheerful colour scheme that’s perfect for a wedding.

Colourful wedding dresses on etsy.com

More lovely wedding dresses of many different colours (because white isn’t everyone’s thing!)

Aqua, pink and orange wedding

I did a pink and orange wedding not long ago but I thought it would look really pretty if I added aqua to that colour scheme as well. Love it! (You could add a little yellow to the colour scheme too, if you wanted it to be extra colourful).

Pink and orange wedding

Time for an update on one of the brightest, happiest colour combinations there is: pink and orange!

Cobalt blue and orange wedding

Vibrancy is the name of the game here! Cobalt blue and orange complement each other well, and make a great colour statement for your wedding. It’s a great colour scheme those of you who are not fond of pastels 😉

Teal and orange wedding

These two colours complement each other so well, and are great for those who would like a colourful wedding.