Burgundy and pink wedding

Burgundy and pink is a really pretty colour scheme, and it works well for any season. Have a look at some ideas. (Please note, I don’t sell anything on my blog – click the link on the picture caption for sellers’ details).

Pink and aqua wedding

Pink and aqua: perfect for a summer wedding or a beach wedding 🙂

Blush and grey wedding

Hello gorgeousness! This has to be one of the prettiest wedding colour schemes. Blush and grey look beautiful together. Have a look at some ideas from Etsy that I’ve seen. The sellers’ captions are on the photos.

Colourful wedding dresses

More beautiful wedding dresses available on etsy.com, for those who love colour!

*Please note I don’t sell anything on my blog, nor am I affiliated with any etsy.com sellers.

Pale pink and red wedding

Not just for those who are getting married on Valentine’s Day! Pink and red is a great colour scheme 🙂

Champagne and blush wedding

Soft and pretty is the best description for a champagne and blush wedding. It’s an easy colour scheme to achieve, and it looks beautiful.

Colourful wedding dresses on etsy.com

More lovely wedding dresses of many different colours (because white isn’t everyone’s thing!)

Blush and ivory wedding

Time for a blush and ivory wedding update. It’s such a beautiful feminine colour combination.

Teal and light pink wedding

One of the prettiest colour combinations for a wedding, I think! Teal and light pink are perfectly gorgeous together 🙂

Aqua, pink and orange wedding

I did a pink and orange wedding not long ago but I thought it would look really pretty if I added aqua to that colour scheme as well. Love it! (You could add a little yellow to the colour scheme too, if you wanted it to be extra colourful).