Purple and turquoise wedding

Time for some brightness! It’s winter in New Zealand, so I felt like putting together a bright and summery colour scheme – purple and turquoise! Actually though, this colour scheme would probably work well in any season, but I felt like it was a summer wedding one as I was putting it together.

As usual, please note I don’t sell any of the items on my blog. The sellers’ links are on the pictures’ captions.

Eggplant-purple and light grey wedding

Time for an update on one of my all-time favourite colour schemes – eggplant-purple and light grey. This is such a delicious colour combination and would work well in a variety of venues for your wedding, but particularly for vineyard weddings because of the purple colour (matches the purple grapes nicely, haha!)

Purple polka dot wedding

Polka dots make people feel happy 🙂 You could do any colour for the polka dots, but I chose different shades of purple for this inspiration board. Pops of yellow would be nice with the purple too, as you can see in one of the photos below.

Purple and gold wedding

Want to feel like royalty on your wedding day? A very regal purple and gold colour scheme will suit you nicely then! It’s a rich, opulent colour scheme, and will warm up a chilly autumn or winter wedding day well.

Peach and purple wedding inspiration

I was inspired to do this colour scheme by a picture of a peach and purple bouquet I saw on Pinterest. I hadn’t thought of combining these two colours together before, but I think they’re gorgeous together. Any shade of purple goes well with the soft peach.

Purple and turquoise wedding inspiration

This is a cheerful and rather striking wedding colour scheme. It would work well for those who want to make a bit of a statement, as they are bold colours, but they work together well. Have a look.

Sage and plum wedding inspiration

The tones of sage-green, mixed with rich dark purple plum tones look beautiful together.

The colour scheme works for any season but if you opt for it, just be careful that you’re purchasing items in the correct shades. Mint green can often be mistaken for sage green, as they’re quite similar, and there are many different shades of purple – plum, amethyst, eggplant, etc. However, that’s only if you’re picky about your shades! Many people won’t be too worried if all their items don’t match up in colour 100%.

Have a look at some sage and plum inspiration.