Purple and turquoise wedding

Time for some brightness! It’s winter in New Zealand, so I felt like putting together a bright and summery colour scheme – purple and turquoise! Actually though, this colour scheme would probably work well in any season, but I felt like it was a summer wedding one as I was putting it together.

As usual, please note I don’t sell any of the items on my blog. The sellers’ links are on the pictures’ captions.


Lavender and gold wedding

Lavender and gold is a beautiful colour combination for a wedding. Take a look at some ideas. Please note I don’t sell anything on my blog. Sellers’ details are in the photo captions.

Colourful wedding dresses

More beautiful wedding dresses available on etsy.com, for those who love colour!

*Please note I don’t sell anything on my blog, nor am I affiliated with any etsy.com sellers.

Lilac and apple-green wedding

This is a perfect spring or summer wedding colour scheme 🙂

Colourful wedding dresses on etsy.com

More lovely wedding dresses of many different colours (because white isn’t everyone’s thing!)

Peach and purple wedding

Time for an update on one of my favourite colour schemes – peach and purple. They look so pretty together. I’ve used lilac-purple in most of these ideas, but a darker purple looks nice with peach too.

Black, white and purple wedding

If you’d like a striking colour scheme, try black, white and purple (or black, white and almost any other colour, for that matter!) Here are some ideas.