Reception dresses/short wedding dresses on

If you’re lucky enough (or good enough at saving) to have the money, it’s a great idea to have a separate reception dress. Inevitably your long wedding dress will end up getting stepped on while on the dance floor! These dresses would also make great short wedding dresses too – not everyone wants a full-length gown on their wedding day 🙂


Reception dresses

More lovely reception dresses from Save some extra money and have two dresses! One for the ceremony and photos, and one for dinner and dancing 🙂

Reception dresses

SO GORGEOUS! If you can afford a reception dress, you should definitely consider getting one. It makes dancing so much easier, and you don’t have to worry about people stepping on your wedding dress train all night! Have a look at these beautiful reception dresses for sale on

Reception dresses

The ‘reception dress’, a simpler, easier-to-move-in, often shorter dress for the bride to wear to the reception, is becoming more popular these days.

After all, what girl doesn’t want two dresses, right?! Bridal gowns can be very heavy, and long trains aren’t exactly practical at a reception, when you run the risk of your dressed being stepped on or caught under chairs…plus, they’re quite difficult to dance in! So a reception dress, if your budget allows, is a great idea. Have a look at some options I found online.