Random wedding things I like on etsy.com

Every now and then I like to just scroll through etsy.com and pick out things that I like the look of for a wedding or reception! Some are simple; some are a little OTT, but they’re all beautiful.

Wedding reception decor ideas

Some gorgeous ideas from etsy.com here!

Fantasy weddings

Everyone’s idea of a ‘fantasy wedding’ is different, of course, but here are some that are undeniably amazing (and lavish!). Most would probably be beyond the budget of the average couple, but some ideas could be adapted for your own wedding, e.g. use of fairy lights in trees! These images all come from my ‘Fantasy weddings’ board on Pinterest. To see more, visit http://www.pinterest.com/themerrybride/fantasy-weddings/

Great wedding ideas from Pinterest – part 5

Part five! Yes, I have done four previous versions of this post before (search for ‘Pinterest’ in the search bar to the left to see the others), but I love the amazing ideas you can find on Pinterest when you’re wedding-planning. Here are some more great ideas:

Great wedding ideas from Pinterest – part 4

I haven’t done one of these posts for a while (in case you missed the first three parts, here they are: part 1, part 2, and part 3), so I thought it was time for a new installment of fantastic ideas I’ve spotted on Pinterest over the months. Enjoy 🙂

Reception dresses

The ‘reception dress’, a simpler, easier-to-move-in, often shorter dress for the bride to wear to the reception, is becoming more popular these days.

After all, what girl doesn’t want two dresses, right?! Bridal gowns can be very heavy, and long trains aren’t exactly practical at a reception, when you run the risk of your dressed being stepped on or caught under chairs…plus, they’re quite difficult to dance in! So a reception dress, if your budget allows, is a great idea. Have a look at some options I found online.


Blush and gold wedding inspiration

The girly-girl in me is squealing with excitement a little bit, because this colour scheme is just so incredibly pretty! Have a look 🙂

Great wedding ideas from Pinterest – part 3

Because you all seem to love these posts so much, here’s part 3! (Part 1 is here and part 2 is here). Have a look at some more fantastic ideas from Pinterest.

P.S. Happy Easter to you all! xx

Great wedding ideas from Pinterest – part 2

There are so many beautiful and clever ideas on Pinterest, I just had to share some more with you! I hope you’re inspired.

Table setting ideas from etsy.com

An important aspect of your wedding planning is considering what you would like your tables at your reception to look like.

Many brides and grooms would like something a little different from the usual flower centrepieces and folded cardboard place settings, so I’ve had a look on Etsy and found some ideas for you that are a little more unique (and a few that aren’t quite so unique but were so pretty, I couldn’t resist including them!)

Enjoy 🙂