Sage and light pink wedding

Sage is kind of like mint’s sophisticated older cousin. It’s quite similar to mint but it has more of a smoky tone to it, which makes it a little less girly. It pairs perfectly with light pink and is a lovely colour scheme for a spring or summer wedding.

Sage and plum wedding inspiration

The tones of sage-green, mixed with rich dark purple plum tones look beautiful together.

The colour scheme works for any season but if you opt for it, just be careful that you’re purchasing items in the correct shades. Mint green can often be mistaken for sage green, as they’re quite similar, and there are many different shades of purple – plum, amethyst, eggplant, etc. However, that’s only if you’re picky about your shades! Many people won’t be too worried if all their items don’t match up in colour 100%.

Have a look at some sage and plum inspiration.