Silver and white wedding

Silver and white is the perfect colour scheme for a winter wedding 🙂

Blush and silver wedding

This is such a pretty colour combination! Lots of lovely ideas from various Etsy sellers in this inspiration board (see the link to each of their shops in the picture captions). Please note I do not sell any items on my blog.

Cobalt and silver wedding

Cobalt and silver is one of the most popular colour combinations searched for on my site. Here’s an updated inspiration board for all you fans of it 🙂

*Please note I don’t sell any items on my blog.

Colourful wedding dresses

Time for an updated ‘colourful wedding dresses’ post (or ‘colorful’ for all my American fans who don’t spell it with a ‘u’ in it!) I love colourful wedding dresses, and you’re a not particularly traditional, or white isn’t really your thing, or perhaps if it’s not your first wedding, then a non-white dress is a cool idea 🙂

Here are some I’ve spotted online today.


Old Hollywood Glamour wedding

In honour of the Oscars tomorrow, I thought I’d do an Old Hollywood Glamour wedding inspiration board. It’s so fancy – I love it!

Metallic sequin wedding

Ok, bear with me. The title of this post makes it sound rather cheap and tacky, and indeed it would look a bit cheap and tacky if EVERYTHING in your wedding had sequins on it, but the odd splash of metallic (gold/silver/bronze) sequins can make a wedding look amazing! So here are some ideas – you wouldn’t use all of them at once, of course! But you could pick and choose what you’d like to use 🙂

Blush and silver wedding

Blush and gold has been one of my most popular posts on The Merry Bride, so I thought I would do blush and silver, which is equally beautiful. Enjoy x

Dusty rose and grey wedding

These are very pretty muted colours, that are beautiful for a wedding. Have a look!

White and silver wedding

White and silver are perfect for a winter wedding! The colours are beautiful and quite traditional, but the silver touches provide a bit of bling for your wedding 🙂

More colourful wedding dresses

I couldn’t resist! I love the thought of a colourful wedding dress: It’s a great idea if you’re not keen on white. So here are some more colourful wedding dresses (if you missed my original post with colourful wedding dresses, click here).