Wedding reception decor ideas

Some gorgeous ideas from here!

Table setting ideas from

Here are some beautiful table setting items you can purchase from different sellers on

Please note, I don’t sell anything on my blog. Quite a few people have enquired about buying things from me recently! All the items I feature are from sellers (who I don’t know) on The caption of each picture provides a link to the seller’s etsy page.


Great wedding ideas from Pinterest – part 5

Part five! Yes, I have done four previous versions of this post before (search for ‘Pinterest’ in the search bar to the left to see the others), but I love the amazing ideas you can find on Pinterest when you’re wedding-planning. Here are some more great ideas:

Table setting ideas from

An important aspect of your wedding planning is considering what you would like your tables at your reception to look like.

Many brides and grooms would like something a little different from the usual flower centrepieces and folded cardboard place settings, so I’ve had a look on Etsy and found some ideas for you that are a little more unique (and a few that aren’t quite so unique but were so pretty, I couldn’t resist including them!)

Enjoy 🙂