Teal and gold wedding

A teal and gold colour scheme is opulent and stunning!

Colourful wedding dresses

More beautiful wedding dresses available on etsy.com, for those who love colour!

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Teal and orange wedding

Teal and orange wedding inspiration for you! This colour combination is very popular at the moment.

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Colourful wedding dresses on etsy.com

More lovely wedding dresses of many different colours (because white isn’t everyone’s thing!)

Teal and light pink wedding

One of the prettiest colour combinations for a wedding, I think! Teal and light pink are perfectly gorgeous together 🙂

Teal and grey wedding

Teal is a lovely shade of blue and it works well with grey. You could also add in a third colour of perhaps orange, yellow or pink, as all of those complement teal beautifully as well.

Teal and orange wedding

These two colours complement each other so well, and are great for those who would like a colourful wedding.

Mustard and teal wedding inspiration

The warm colours of mustard and teal will brighten up a wedding held in the cooler months of the year. They’re not traditional wedding colours, but they work beautifully together.

Peacock wedding inspiration

Peacock colours – emerald green, sapphire blue, teal and gold – make a striking colour scheme for your wedding, and you can include peacock feathers throughout your theme too. Hope this inspires you.