Tiffany blue and red wedding

Time for a Tiffany blue and red wedding update! I did this colour scheme at the beginning of the year (see here), so I thought I’d round out 2013 with some updated ideas for it. I love this colour scheme. It’s classy and the colours complement each other so well!

Red and Tiffany-blue wedding inspiration

Oh I am totally in love with this colour scheme! If I could do my own wedding over, I think I would use these colours. It’s such a happy, vibrant, yet very classy colour scheme.

Have a look for yourself 🙂

Tiffany-blue and white wedding inspiration

This colour scheme evokes a feeling of calm, which is very useful on your wedding day! It’s such a beautiful colour scheme. Here are some ideas to help you with your wedding-planning (I may have gone a little bit overboard with this one, but there are so many beautiful things out there!)