Teal and gold wedding

A teal and gold colour scheme is opulent and stunning!

Purple and turquoise wedding

Time for some brightness! It’s winter in New Zealand, so I felt like putting together a bright and summery colour scheme – purple and turquoise! Actually though, this colour scheme would probably work well in any season, but I felt like it was a summer wedding one as I was putting it together.

As usual, please note I don’t sell any of the items on my blog. The sellers’ links are on the pictures’ captions.

Teal and orange wedding

Teal and orange wedding inspiration for you! This colour combination is very popular at the moment.

*Please note I don’t sell any items on my blog.

Turquoise and orange wedding

I love turquoise and orange together – it’s a bright, cheerful colour scheme that’s perfect for a wedding.

Paisley wedding in shades of blue

Paisley is a really pretty print and it’s easy to find plenty of paisley products on etsy.com and elsewhere. I’ve chosen blue paisley (in various shades) for this inspiration board, but you could choose any colour.

Turquoise, chartreuse and peridot wedding inspiration

This colour scheme sounds awfully complicated, haha, but I just had to get the shades of green right! Chartreuse is a very spring colour – halfway between green and yellow. Peridot is slightly darker – about halfway between apple-green and olive. Anyway, the three shades look gorgeous together. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Have a look 🙂

Purple and turquoise wedding inspiration

This is a cheerful and rather striking wedding colour scheme. It would work well for those who want to make a bit of a statement, as they are bold colours, but they work together well. Have a look.

Colourful wedding dresses!

If you’re not the kind of bride-to-be who envisions themselves walking down the aisle in a traditional white or ivory gown, then have a look at these colourful options you could wear instead. Who’s to say the bride can’t match the wedding colour scheme?!

Turquoise and orange wedding inspiration

This is such a bright and happy colour combination. Turquoise and tangerine-orange complement each other very well, and is a great colour scheme for a summer wedding.

Enjoy looking through the image gallery 🙂