Purple and turquoise wedding inspiration

This is a cheerful and rather striking wedding colour scheme. It would work well for those who want to make a bit of a statement, as they are bold colours, but they work together well. Have a look.

Mustard and teal wedding inspiration

The warm colours of mustard and teal will brighten up a wedding held in the cooler months of the year. They’re not traditional wedding colours, but they work beautifully together.

Pastel pink, yellow, blue and green wedding inspiration

Pastels are quintessential summer colours. They seem to split opinion – people either love or hate pastels – but there’s no denying that a pastel colour scheme is very pretty.

Have a look at some pastel ideas.

Turquoise and orange wedding inspiration

This is such a bright and happy colour combination. Turquoise and tangerine-orange complement each other very well, and is a great colour scheme for a summer wedding.

Enjoy looking through the image gallery 🙂