Navy and red wedding

Hi everyone! I took a few months off as a bit of a break, but now I’m back! Thought I’d kick things off with my favourite preppy colour combination – navy and red. As always, please note that I don’t sell any items on my blog. Please click the link on the photo you like to find out where to buy it 🙂


Backyard wedding

If you (or someone you know) has a lovely large outdoor area that would be perfect to hold a backyard wedding, then why not? There are heaps of great ideas and items on websites such as, to help you achieve your desired look.

Friday finds from

I’ll be doing ‘Friday finds from’ every Friday now 🙂 Each post will be full of random gorgeous things I’ve spotted on! Here’s today’s inspiration for you.

Random wedding things I like on

I’ve decided this will become a fairly regular post, as I always see so many gorgeous items on that wouldn’t necessarily slot into any of the colour schemes I’m working on or have done in the past. So standby for a giant inspiration board full of beautiful wedding-related things I’ve seen on Etsy recently!

Backyard wedding ideas

If you have a beautiful backyard, or you know someone who has one, then why not consider a backyard wedding? If you don’t have a venue fee you can save a quite of bit of money on your wedding, but just be wary that you’ll need a lot of spare time in order to put the wedding together yourself! Also, make sure you add up the costs of everything you might need to hire (tables, chairs, cutlery, lighting, etc.), because those costs can suddenly turn your ‘cheap’ backyard wedding into quite a pricey one!

Beach wedding

I did a beach wedding inspiration board way back in the early days of The Merry Bride, so I thought it was time I did an updated one. Beach weddings are always very popular, particularly where I live, in New Zealand, as we’re completely surrounded by coastline. Have a look at some beach wedding inspiration.

Black, white and red wedding

This colour scheme is brilliant for a formal wedding, as it’s very elegant and sophisticated. It’s also a great colour scheme for a winter wedding. Take a look.