Colourful wedding dresses

More beautiful wedding dresses available on, for those who love colour!

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Colourful wedding dresses

Time for an updated ‘colourful wedding dresses’ post (or ‘colorful’ for all my American fans who don’t spell it with a ‘u’ in it!) I love colourful wedding dresses, and you’re a not particularly traditional, or white isn’t really your thing, or perhaps if it’s not your first wedding, then a non-white dress is a cool idea 🙂

Here are some I’ve spotted online today.


Peach, yellow and light blue wedding

These are such pretty colours for a spring or summer wedding! I am quite partial to a pop of yellow in a colour scheme – it really brightens up a room!

Mint and mustard wedding

I LOVE this colour combination. It’s delightfully vintage, yet modern at the same time. Gorgeous! Take a look.

Pastel wedding

It’s feminine and beautiful – a great colour scheme for a wedding in spring or summer. Plus, there are lots of lovely pastel wedding products available on, as you’ll see in this post!

Butter-yellow wedding

To me, yellow equals happiness, so what better colour for a wedding? Butter-yellow is a gorgeous shade that would look good on most skin tones, even if you’re very pale like me, because it’s not a harsh yellow. Have a look at some ideas.

Peach and yellow wedding

Peach and yellow is a great summer wedding colour scheme. Have a look at some ideas below!